Dell Laptop Charging Problem Solution By Dell laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Dell Laptop Charging Problem Solution
Dell Laptop Charging Problem Solution

If you’re having battery charging problems with your Dell laptop, this is the right place for you. In this guide we will explain what to do if Dell laptop battery is not charging and how to get out of this confusing situation.

First, we need to understand what problems can occur with charging your Dell laptop battery. Loose connections or accumulated dust on the charging slot and adapter are most likely induced. It can be solved quickly at home. On other instances the battery driver or laptop BIOS may be compromised. You will need to upgrade or reinstall them in this case. This requires some extra work, but you can redo it at home. If not, your Dell laptop battery may be physically damaged and an individual specification may be consulted to repair the damage.

Dell Laptop Battery Charging Problem Solution

The fastest and safest way to fix your Dell laptop battery without charging problems is to clean the dirt off your AC adapter and your laptop battery and reconnect the plug.

  • Switch off your Dell laptop.
  • First the AC charging adapter and laptop battery need to be removed.
  • Click the power button on your laptop and hold it down for about 20 seconds to remove any remaining power from your laptop.
  • Remove dust particles from the battery slot, charging adapter and charging slot.
  • Reinsert the battery in your laptop and reconnect the AC adapter.
  • Switch on your laptop to check if the battery has started charging.

Reinstall your battery driver

You can use the Device Manager on your laptop to reinstall the battery driver on your Dell laptop. Simply log on to the Internet and find and uninstall the current battery driver in System Manager. Then you simply restart the laptop and download and reinstall the appropriate battery driver.

BIOS needs to be updated to fix

The BIOS is the software that establishes and manages the connection between the operating system and connected hardware devices. BIOS is the basic input/output system. BIOS fault can often cause no charge issue for Dell laptop battery. You will need to upgrade your laptop BIOS to repair faulty settings.

To update your Dell laptop BIOS, you can visit the official Dell website and find the support page for your model of laptop. Then the new BIOS settings available are downloaded and installed.

Visit Our Dell Laptop Service Center in Kolkata for professional help

If all the tricks listed above fail, it’s time to seek professional help. Visit a Dell laptop service center to have your Dell laptop battery not charging issue fixed. Dell Laptop Service Center has highly trained and qualified technicians who can easily and efficiently solve any problem with your digital devices. Visit a Dell laptop service center today for a Dell laptop battery not charging solution.

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