Dell Laptop Freezing and Hanging Problems Solution

Dell Laptop Freezing and Hanging Problems Solution

Dell Laptop Service Center in Kolkata provides the best solution for Dell Laptop freezing and hanging problems. Some customers bring up the problem of their laptops freezing and hanging. We discuss the causes of frozen and hanging problems for customers. Because if you don’t know the cause of the problem, you can’t solve it. However, if we fix the problem and the customer does not know the problem, the customer will make that mistake again and soon the problem of freezing and hanging on the laptop will come.

Since we repair Dell laptops we are discussing Dell laptop freezing and hanging issues. 5 Most Common Reasons for Dell Laptop freezing and hanging problems.

Unwanted laptop apps and programs running in Windows background

Unwanted laptop apps and programs running in the background can be one of the reasons for your Laptop Freezing and Hanging problems. So to check it, you have to click Once you press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete laptop keys simultaneously on the laptop keyboard and you will see Windows Task Manager on your laptop window pop up. Then You need to find out which programs are using the most CPU and RAM resources. If you find a program that is unwanted and consuming a lot of laptop resources, Click on that program and then close it by clicking the ‘End Task’ program button.

Once all Additional programs and additional background processes on your laptop have been detected and stopped, This process can solve your laptop problem. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to Hold down the ‘Power’ key for a few seconds to turn off the laptop and then restart.

Older version of Windows

Older versions of Windows can cause problems on your laptop. So all the application updates should be installed on your laptop in time, then your laptop will work smoothly. You must use an original copy of Microsoft Windows to resolve this issue.

Due to the laptop overheating

The laptop’s processor does not work properly when the laptop is overheated. This can lead to laptop freezing and hanging problems. So use a cooling pad to prevent the laptop from overheating. Keep the laptop in a firm or flat place so that hot air can exit easily.

Insufficient RAM on your laptop

When you do multitasking on a laptop, You should use enough RAM on your laptop, otherwise it can slow down the laptop. So make sure your laptop has enough RAM to run the system properly.

Faulty Laptop Hard Drive

Using a faulty laptop hard drive can cause freezing and hanging problems. If you use an old hard drive on your laptop and if you get sound when you turn on the laptop, it indicates that there is something problem with the hard drive. So if you use a good laptop hard drive, then your laptop will run smoothly.

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